My Adidas sneakers – follow up

My Adidas sneakers – follow up

Some of you might remember how I was on the hunt for a new pair of running sneakers and after trying on several I decided on the Adidas Ultraboost X. They were comfortable and hugged my foot and gave support (or so I thought).

Well after running in them for quite some time now, I am sad to say, they are not my favorite any longer and I actually have pain in my left foot from them. The sock like feel does hug the foot but I feel like it’s a disadvantage now. Im not sure why it took me this long to experience discomfort but sadly I am now.

I’m not tossing them out the window, but I am going to be shopping for a new pair of sneakers.

I recently began going to a gym so I think I might look for a pair of trainers instead of something that’s specifically for running.

Anyone have a brand that they love? Please share below.

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