Running sneaker – part two

Running sneaker – part two

Guys! I did it! I finally decided on my new running sneaker. If you read my first post about my quest, you saw that I went to the adidas store and fell in love with the Ultraboost X. I left things off by saying I was going to check out Nike to try out the Pegasus before making a final decision.

So I went to Nike and tried on a few of their running sneakers.

First, I tried the Flyknit sneakers. Very comfortable, the fabric kinda reminded me of the ultraboost. Kinda “sock” like in a way.

Nike Flyknit Sneaker

Then I tried the Pegasus! Very comfortable. I ran around a bit and felt that it gave good support. The store I went to didn’t have a ton of colors but they had PINK ones and I loved it (to my surprise too).

Nike Pegasus 34

The last pair I tried were the Air Zoom Structure. I found them to be lightweight and had good stability. I thought it was becoming my favorite out of the 3 until I tried on the Pegasus again.

Nike Air Zoom Structure

The Pegasus was the winner in this round.

So which sneaker did I decide on? The Ultraboost X or the Pegasus?

I ultimately decided on the Adidas Ultraboost X!

Nike Ultraboost X

I actually went to the Adidas store right after I left Nike and tried them on again and new they were it for me. And the icing on the cake? I got them on sale, 40% off! Score!!


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