Hi everybody! Hope you’re having a great Monday. 

I wanted to share something that I’m really excited (and nervous) about. I’m going to be trying kickboxing for the first time later this week! 

I’m excited because I think it’ll be a great workout for me and I’ll burn a ton of calories and hopefully some stubborn fat. I’ve always wanted to try it! Yay endorphins! Haha

The reason I’m nervous is because I’ve been dealing with some painful shin splints. I’ve taken a break the past few days from running and have been icing my shins to help my body heal. Hopefully I don’t destroy my shins with all the kicking and punching! 

I found a sweet deal on Groupon for the classes and will be going with a friend of mine. We’re both new to kickboxing so it’ll be fun to do it together.

Now, the big question is… What should I wear?

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