WDW – Animal Kingdom

WDW – Animal Kingdom

We had a WILD time (haha corny I know) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park! It wasn’t too crowded which was nice… or maybe it was just that everyone was waiting on line for the new Avatar rides? We walked to the new world of Pandora just to check it out, but decided not to wait on the very long lines with our two toddlers. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get fastpasses for either of them so we’ll have to wait for our next trip to Disney! The new Pandora world is very beautiful and definitely reminded me of the movie. Disney did a fantastic job creating it – the sounds, structures, plants – all perfectly Avatar.

We did enjoy the river rapids ride, the Dinosaur ride and the Safari ride. Oh and we met Mickey and Minnie there too! My daughter is obsessed with them.  I know I know.. you’ve heard that before  about other kids, but she really loves them. So we we’re surprised when she didn’t hug them. She was in  shock and was maybe afraid too. I couldn’t believe it because when we went last year she was all hugs and kisses (just like my son).

We did get to the park around 1:30ish so we could’ve gone on more rides had we arrived sooner. My son LOVED the Dinosaur ride and was able to go on twice because of the parent/fastpass swap thing. The way that works is, let’s say you have 2 children and 1 of them can’t go on a ride so the other parent has to hang back with that child; Disney will give you a fastpass ticket to give to the other parent so he/she can go on the ride with their child too (who just finished riding it). I guess it would also work if you have just the 1 child and both parents want to experience the ride with the child.

The Safari was probably the BEST safari I’ve been on at Disney. I’ve been on that Safari ride before and have never seen so many animals and UP CLOSE too.
My only regret is that my phone died so I missed all the amazing photo opportunities that day.

We did get the Disney memory maker photo package so we did get some while at Animal Kingdom.

Can’t wait until we visit again!

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