Quick & easy gluten free waffles

Quick & easy gluten free waffles

My go-to breakfast is a smoothie. I have one usually every day. I love em and so does my family. Sometimes ya gotta switch things up and indulge a little.

While at Trader Joe’s the other day I saw these frozen waffles and I thought ‘hey, why not?!’. I prefer waffles from scratch but these are gluten free and I recently decided that I need to try out gluten free for myself. I haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac but I have noticed that I have a sensitivity to gluten. 

So I popped these bad boys in the toaster (serving size is 2) and topped with a little butter, sliced bananas (about half a banana), and a small handful of raspberries. I had some raspberry preserves (also from TJs) in my fridge too so I put a little on top. I didn’t want to use too much since preserves have a decent amount of sugar in it.

And guys, it was AMAZING! It really was a special treat for myself today.

Have a great day, everybody! 

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